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UFO Pumpkin Returns for the Fall Season

Some people say pumpkins are fruit. Other people say pumpkins are vegetables. UFO Beer says… they’re tasty! So UFO Beer brewed their fall-spiced hefeweizen with pure pumpkin – a truly delicious fruiveggie available for a limited time!

UFO Pumpkin continues UFO’s tradition of “flavor adventures”—sometimes-fruit-infused-but-always-easy-drinking unfiltered wheat beer that pairs best with friends and food. Brewed with real pumpkin, seasonal spices, and fresh from the patch flavor, UFO Pumpkin is sure to make the fall transition a little easier. UFO Pumpkin comes in at 6.9% alcohol by volume.

UFO Pumpkin can also be found in the Leaf Peepin’ Variety Pack, along with UFO White, UFO Raspberry and UFO Pineapple for a limited time.

About UFO Beer
UFO is a portfolio of wheat beers that’s a little bit different, a little more refreshing and flavorful, and most importantly, a beer that everyone can enjoy. The name UFO stands for UnFiltered Offering; all UFO beers are unfiltered, leaving the yeast suspended in the beer which creates its signature cloudy appearance. UFO hit the scene in 1998 with a Hefeweizen. Since then the UFO line has grown to include flavorful year-round offerings like UFO White Ale and UFO Raspberry, and fresh seasonal offerings such as UFO Winter Blonde and UFO Apricadabra.

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