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Strongbow Original Dry Old Fashioned Mixology

Transform your favorite Strongbow Apple Ciders into a cocktail for any season and every occasion. Get inspired with this delicious recipe Strongbow Original Dry Old Fashioned mixology, perfect for sharing with your friends.

Rye is excellent with apples and is the perfect complement for the Strongbow Original Dry mixology . This slightly sweet cocktail would be great with hard cheeses, a dressed up grilled cheese or a slice of apple pie. If you’d like it sweeter, add a couple ounces of fresh apple juice.

Complexity: Low
Serving: Makes 4 drinks

4 oz. Rye or bourbon
2 oz. Lemon juice
2 cans Strongbow Original Dry Cider
4 Apple wedges, to garnish
4 Strips of lemon zest, to garnish

Fill old fashioned glasses with crushed ice, 1 oz. of rye and ½ oz. of lemon juice. Top with Strongbow Original Dry Cider and garnish each glass with an apple slice and strip of lemon zest.

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