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Strongbow Hard Apple Cider Launches Artisanal Blend

As farmers head into orchards and vineyards for the yearly harvest, many people are unaware of the similarities between cider apples and wine grapes. Both fruits thrive under ideal natural growing conditions and boast thousands of different flavorful varieties; hard apple cider was even served as an alternative to Champagne after WWII. Strongbow Hard Apple Ciders’ new Artisanal Blend is a toast to heirloom cider apples captured in a lively, semi-sweet cider that appeals to both cider lovers and wine drinkers.

The flavor aficionados at the Beverage Testing Institute awarded Artisanal Blend a Silver Medal and highly recommend it for its nod to the past and modern inviting flavor1. This praise is a result of Strongbow’s 125-year commitment to creating great-tasting, innovative cider flavors. Strongbow cares for more than 1 billion apples in its own orchards in the UK and Belgium, and is the largest apple grower for cider-making in the world.

“Our generations-old cider-making tradition is about celebrating the purity and farm-fresh natural flavors of the apples we care for in our orchards,” said Dr. Paul van der Aar, Master Brewer at HEINEKEN USA. “We combine old-world simplicity with modern skill and artistry to blend the apples for a consistent, complex-yet-approachable flavor that perfectly balances sharpness, natural sweetness and bitterness.”

Artisanal Blend will also be available in 6-packs and will simultaneously reside in the Strongbow Variety Pack, alongside Strongbow Orange Blossom, Strongbow Gold Apple, and Strongbow Cherry Blossom. Strongbow Artisanal Blend is best served over ice, and consumers are encouraged to experiment with mixing Strongbow with other natural flavors to create delicious drinks like a bespoke Artisanal Blend Mojito, to draw out its refreshing semi-sweet taste.

All flavors in the new Variety Pack are gluten-free and sold in 11.2 oz. bottles. Strongbow Gold Apple and Strongbow Honey are 5% ABV, Strongbow Orange Blossom and Strongbow Cherry Blossom are 4.5% ABV, and Artisanal Blend is 6% ABV.

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