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Schell’s Brewery Releases the 2019 Snowstorm Edition for a Limited Time

As every Midwesterner knows, no two Snowstorms are ever alike.  As a homage to the uniqueness of our Northern climate, Schell’s celebrates the start of every winter with a unique Snowstorm of their own, – a one-of-a-kind limited edition brew. The 2nd-oldest family-owned brewery in the country recently announced the release of its 2019 edition in the Snowstorm series, Red Ale. The beer is the 26th installment in the limited edition series produced each year for the holiday season.

Begun in 1994 as an opportunity for Schell’s brewmasters to experiment with different styles of beer, each year a new Snowstorm is created. “Every brew is as unique and varied as a Midwestern snowstorm,” claims Schell’s President, Ted Marti. Over the past twenty-five years, the highly anticipated series has developed into one of the brewery’s most popular seasonal offerings.

“Creating a new Snowstorm is always interesting because it allows us to explore unique ingredient combinations,” said Dave Berg, Schell’s brewmaster.

Coming in at 6.5% alcohol by volume, The Snowstorm of 2019 is a reddish amber ale for the seasoned winter veteran who can withstand even the coldest of days. Delicious malt flavors and a crisp, hoppy finish will leave you asking one question, were you prepared for the storm?

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