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Schell’s Brewery Caved-Aged Barrel-Aged Lager & Snowstorm Prepare for Winter

August Schell Brewing Company, the second-oldest family-owned brewery in the country, releases two new winter offerings for the season.

August Schell Cave-Aged Barrel- Aged Lager

Located below the historic brewery, the naturally cooled caverns were originally constructed in the 1860’s to facilitate brewing in an era that predated electrical refrigeration. In a nod to its 19th century brewing traditions, August Schell Brewing Company has released their 4th installment in the  Cave-Aged Barrel-Aged Series. The 2017 limited-edition beer aged in bourbon barrels from Four Roses Distillery stored in the brewery’s original, underground lagering caves comes in at 10.9% alcohol by volume featuring a warm bourbon character with hints of sweet caramel, oak, and vanilla.

August Schell 2017 Snowstorm Rye Ale

Begun in 1994 as an opportunity for Schell’s brewmasters to experiment with different styles of beer, each year a new Snowstorm is created. “Every brew is as unique and varied as a Midwestern snowstorm,” claims Schell’s President, Ted Marti. Over the past twenty years, the highly anticipated series has developed into one of the brewery’s most popular seasonal offerings.

The 2017 version of August Schell’s Snowstorm is a Rye Ale with hints of spicy rye and bread crust, ideally suited for brisk northern nights. 6.1% Alcohol by volume.

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