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Redd’s Limited Pick Black Cherry Ale Hits Store Shelves

Redd’s Apple Ale is releasing its second limited-edition flavor of the year: Redd’s Black Cherry Ale, adding more variety to its refreshing beer lineup. This beer returns to the Redd’s family as part of the Limited Pick series, and will be available nationwide through early 2019.

Redd’s Black Cherry Ale will maintain the same crisp and refreshing taste fans have come to know and love. The refreshing beer delivers a strong cherry flavor balanced with Redd’s signature apple taste, with delightful tartness in every sip. Its prominent ripe cherry flavor and aroma blend perfectly with its notes of apple, giving the drink a light copper color and an exciting fruit profile. Like the rest of the Redd’s flavors, Redd’s Black Cherry Ale is five percent alcohol by volume.

Redd’s Black Cherry Ale is available now at a retail store near you.

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