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Pint & Dine: Dark Horse Bar & Eatery

Dark Horse Bar & Eatery is anything but a dark horse when it comes to tremendous dining and libations. Since opening in the fall of 2015 in St. Paul’s Lowertown, the prevalent bar has established a sought after locale amongst consumers surrounding the eclectic food menu, signature cocktails, and a beer lineup comprising of 40 taps that will go toe to toe with the best in the Twin Cities. The Next Pint recently snatched a bar stool to indulge in a little “Pint & Dine” over some remarkable food & beer parings.

Dark Horse Bar & Eatery St. Paul
Photo Credit: Dark Horse Bar & Eatery

To experience a pint in St. Paul, is to experience a pint of Summit Beer in St. Paul. Located in St. Paul, MN, Summit Brewing Company was founded by Mark Stutrud in 1986 and is a pioneer in craft beer becoming a Minnesota staple ever since. Summit Brewing Company is dedicated to providing a quality brew pint after pint. Today, Summit Brewing Company is the 26th largest craft brewer in the country selling their beer in five states. With the quality standards set forth by Summit Brewing Company, it was an easy decision to pair quality with quality for two of St. Paul’s fixtures.

Pairing #1
Food: The Lazzarone Pizza
Beer: Summit Brewing Extra Pale Ale

Pairing Notes
The Lazzarone Pizza offered an array of flavors topped with cherry tomato, basil, grilled onion and chèvre (French for goat cheese). Served on a crisp, crunchy, crust this pizza dish delivered a blast of flavor to the palate after each bite. To wash it down we paired this dish with Summit Extra Pale Ale. Summit EPA has been a presence on bar tops since 1986. This gold medal winning beer features caramel, biscuit malts balanced by an earthy hop bite and juicy citrus. The flavors of the pizza accentuated the toasty character of the malt in EPA. In return the beer washed away the assortment of flavors on the tongue leaving you ready for a fresh burst of flavor approaching the next bite.

Pairing #2
Food: Cocunut Lime Rice Bowl with Added Pork
Beer: Summit Brewing Keller Pils

Pairing Notes
Prepared with smoky arbol sauce, cilantro sour cream, avocado salsa on a bed of lime rice, no wonder this rice bowl is listed at the top of the menu. A fantastic dish with subtle hints of coconut and a nice added heat arousing the taste buds. We added additional pork that rounded out the complexity of the dish. The best food and beer pairings are those that complement one another. This is why we went with Summit Keller Pils. That’s right! Summit’s traditional, unfiltered German-style pilsner has returned as a year-round offering. The spicy floral notes and balanced citrus bitterness of the beer complemented the flavors of the Coconut Lime Rice Bowl fantastically. Each sip reset the palate magnificently. If you need another reason to go with Keller Pils, it was hailed as the #2 Pilsner in the world in 2016 by Paste Magazine.

All September Long Special
Dark Horse Bar & Eatery and their sister restaurant across the river in Minneapolis, Muddy Water’s Bar & Eatery, are serving up great Summit Beer specials all day, every day throughout the month of September. Swing by. Grab a pint. Share your favorite beer and food pairings with us.

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