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Pint and Dine: The Bulldog NE

Located in Northeast Minneapolis, The Bulldog Northeast opened its doors in 2006. With a casual, yet lively atmosphere, The Bulldog Northeast has 31 different tap beer selections, an assortment of unique bottle and can beer offerings, and a creative take on traditional American cuisine. Believe us, the food and beer selection is amazing! Don’t believe us? The Bulldog Northeast was named the ‘Diners’ Choice Best Bar Dining & Beer Selection’ by the Mpls/St.Paul Magazine, one of the ‘Best Bars in America’ by Esquire and numerous other awards and accolades. Now let’s get to the part that we came here for… the food and beer!
The Bulldog NEStarting things off with an appetizer, the PEI Mussels are a must try. They are fantastic! Braised with Delirium Tremens, through  Topped with basil-rosemary butter and a grilled baguette, the P.E.I. Mussels are a perfect starter dish for sharing. Now if it wasn’t obvious, the perfect beer to pair with this dish is Chimay Doré Gold. Now, for the first time since 1862, the monks are making their “table beer” Chimay Doré Gold available outside of the monastery. Despite its lower alcohol content (4.8%), Chimay Doré Gold is still a highly fermented Trappist beer whose touch of hops and spicy aromas never fails to delight all who taste it. This pairing is wonderful. With the Chimay Doré Gold being light on the palate, it complements this dish very well. After taking a bite of the mussels and sip of the Chimay Doré Gold we noticed the zesty and citrus characters were more pronounced in the beer. Overall, a perfectly balanced pairing!The Bulldog NEIf Steak Tartare is on the menu, how can you pass it up? We certainly didn’t. Diced raw steak, dijon, lemon, onion, caper, cornichon, egg yolk with a grilled baguette make for a perfect food and beer pairing with Radeberger Pilsner. Available in 16oz cans at Bulldog Northeast, Radeberger Pilsner  is an iconic German style pilsner. Wherever you enjoy the distinctive flavor of Radeberger Pilsner, it will taste as crisp and as fresh as it does straight from the tap in the brewery. The steak tartare is ridiculously good, with a variety of flavor and texture. The steak literally melts in your mouth. Radeberger normally has a little bitterness to it, but when paired with this dish the steak tartare brings out the sweet character of the malt in the beer. On the flip side, the Radeberger is very clean and crisp, intensifying the flavor of the steak tartare and brings out  a little heat from the dish. An extremely easy, yet harmonious beer and food pairing.The Bulldog NEWhen the Monks started making beer and cheese, we are not sure they ever thought of a combo like this, but they should have! The Bulldog Northeast has knocked it out of the park with their Chimay Burger. The Chimay Burger is a juicy patty with romaine, red onion, chimayo (yes, chimayo! The mayonnaise is even made with Chimay Beer) Chimay cheese on a brioche bun with a side of truffle tots. Since the burger itself is made with Chimay, we had to go back and pair this dish with Chimay Doré Gold. This is a completely different food and beer pairing than the mussels. The Chimay Doré Gold cuts right through the flavors of the burger cleansing the pallet leaving you desiring another bite. The truffle tots sprinkled with aioli cheese deliver a nice side item to the burger. The tots have an earthy flavor that pairs well with the herbaceous flavor of Chimay Doré Gold.
The Bulldog NEIs your mouth watering yet? There’s more!  Next on the menu were the Chicken and Waffles suggested by the wonderful Bar Manager, Laura Hancock. Buttermilk fried chicken with two sourdough waffles and thyme infused bacon maple syrup. Wait until you see this! The perfect beer to pair with this dish was Saison Dupont. This pairing is one in the same, as both the dish and beer can be described fairly similar. The waffle is malty, with the bacon syrup adding a sweetness. You could use the same words to describe Sasion Dupont – Malty, herbal and sweet.
The Bulldog NEWe decided to end things with the Deep Fried Caramel Roll in the ‘Sweets’ section. Topped with mascarpone and a bacon caramel sauce, we immediately ordered Stift Engelszell Gregorious to pair this dish with. Gregorious’ special recipe incorporates organic honey from local beehives around St. Engelszell as well as the unique use of an Alsatian wine yeast. The caramel flavors from the roll really brought out the honey character and deep caramel flavors from the beer. It also brought out a bit of toffee flavor. There is really not much more to say about this dish, but you have to try it. A perfect bookend to a perfect meal.
The Bulldog NE

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