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New Belgium Accumulation Returns with Flurry of Hops

Inspired by Colorado’s white winters, New Belgium Brewing’s Accumulation White IPA is making its return for the winter months. Now in its fifth year, the wintertime favorite features Mosaic and Amarillo hops, tropical aroma and soft citrus, mango and lemon flavors, followed by a bitter bite. The medium-bodied IPA pours unfiltered gold and blizzard white with a snowy head.

“Dark beers tend to dominate the winter months, but we like to buck the trend with an IPA that’s bright and refreshing,” said Bryan Simpson, public relations director for New Belgium. “The addition of wheat smooths out the bitter, hoppy flavors and provides a clean, crisp finish. Accumulation offers an ideal counterpunch to the cold winter months to come.”

Accumulation White IPA
Mouthfeel: Piney and resinous from hop oils. Finishes clean and crisp.
Aroma: Strong hop aroma that displays tropical fruits, bright citrus, spicy and herbal from heavy dry-hopping
Body: Medium body
Yeast: American Wheat Ale Yeast with bright, fruity notes
Hop Varieties: Mosaic and Amarillo for dry-hopping
Malt Varieties: Pale
Specialty Grains: Wheat
Color: Cloudy haze, pale golden with billows of white, gorgeous foam
ABV: 6.2%
IBUs: 55

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