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Miller Lite Goes Dark on Social Media with New Campaign

Miller Lite is launching a powerful new campaign focused on reimagining the iconic “It’s Miller Time” for today’s generation of drinkers. The campaign makes a bold statement about consumers’ dependence on social media and aims to inspire them to get back to enjoying beers with friends, or Miller Time, which the brand describes as “The Original Social Media.”

“With this new campaign, we’re championing in-person, genuine connections over social media followers,” says Anup Shah, Vice President, Miller Family of Brands. “We know that today’s generation of new drinkers will spend more than five years of their lifetime on social media, and yet are only meeting up with their close friends less than a few times a month*. By reintroducing Miller Time, we want to remind them that while social media is great, it’s no replacement for hanging out in-person over a Miller Lite.”

As part of the campaign, led by DDB Chicago, Miller Lite will debut a new television spot during the World Series, aptly named “Followers.” The hero spot, directed by Ringan Ledwidge, brings social media to life like never before, imagining what a world would look like if followers literally followed us.

To complement the “Followers” spot, Miller Lite will be the first brand to boldly ask consumers to “unfollow us to the bar.” When you unfollow Miller Lite on Instagram or Facebook, you could receive a free Miller Lite to get back to enjoying Miller Time with friends. Just text UNFOLLOW to 49375 with a photo or screenshot to prove you are unfollowing the brand. Details on the program, including state-by-state regulations, are available at

“We understand it’s risky for a brand today to say that we want you to unfollow us on social media, when it’s one of the many ways we stay in touch with beer drinkers,” says Shah. “But we value those in-person connections and are committed to inspiring people to do the same, even if that means losing a few followers along the way.”

Additionally, Miller Lite is “going dark” on its social media accounts, taking a break from posting on its Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels to further encourage fans to embrace an in-person Miller Time with friends. Social media influencers will also be deployed to amplify the new campaign to encourage and inspire Miller Time amongst friends.

“Followers” will run in :90, :60, :30, and :15 cuts through 2019 and into 2020 on TV and OLV. Additional programs based on “It’s Miller Time” will be planned for 2020.

With only 96 calories and 3.2 grams of carbs, Miller Lite is the perfect beer to enjoy Miller Time with your friends, at the bar, over a beer.

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