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Lakefront Brewery Launches Eazy Teazy Low Calorie Green Tea Ale

The latest offering from Lakefront Brewery will be a year ‘round, low calorie ale known as Eazy Teazy. This craft beer brand is part of a large movement in the industry to offer lighter, low calorie beers.

“Just a few years ago, most craft drinkers looked down on lighter beers,” said Russ Klisch, Owner and President of Lakefront Brewery. “The market’s been focused on hopped up IPAs and higher ABV beers, such as our barrel-aged stouts. But there’s a shift happening toward easier-drinking, session craft beers. Eazy Teazy is clean, crisp and light with citrus notes from the Lemondrop hops and a subtle green tea finish.”

Lakefront Brewery offers a wide variety of year ‘round beers including Riverwest Stein Amber, Lakefront IPA, Eastside Dark Lager, Fuel Café Coffee Stout, Organika White Ale, Lakefront Pils, Fixed Gear Red IPA and New Grist Gluten-Free beers. Eazy Teazy will take its place as the lightest and lowest calorie beer. And at just 99 calories, it’s one of the lowest calorie craft beers in the world.

“It’s fairly difficult to craft a great tasting, full-bodied beer that’s this light,” said Michael Stodola, Lakefront BreweryBrand Manager. “Our head brewer, Luther Paul, and his team has nailed the liquid, the calories and a beautiful green tea flavor. We’re using a great, citrus-forward yeast called ‘Juicy,’ Lemondrop hops and a lot of, not-so-cheap, green andoolong tea. It’s a high-quality, light craft.”

Milwaukee marketing and design firm, Traction Factory, designed the Eazy Teazy packaging and advertising campaign. “Traction Factory has created an iconic brand symbol merging the yin yang with an emoji,” mentioned Stodola. “The ad campaign is equally bold and fun. Peter Bell and the Traction team have positioned this brand perfectly.”

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