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Guinness Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe

The Bloody Mary is a classic enjoyed at anytime of the day. This Guinness Bloody Mary  inspired by the stories and adventures of NYC bartender, Anthony Malone, will help set you apart at any gathering. Prepared in less than three minutes with the ingredients below and the classic Guinness Draught, this cocktail recipe will help you become a mixologist in no time. Enjoy!
Serving Size: 1
Prep Time: 3 minute

1.5 oz. Ketel One® Vodka
3 oz. tomato juice
2 pinches celery salt
2 pinches pepper
Seafood seasoning
2 dashes hot sauce
2 dashes Worcestershire sauce
1 squeeze lemon
2 oz. Guinness® Draught

Add all ingredients except beer into an ice filled cocktail shaker. Shake gently and strain into an ice filled glass. Top off the drink with Guinness® Draught beer. Garnish with a celery stalk and lime wedge.

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