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Grain Belt Blu Makes Big Splash in Return for Summer

Grain Belt, owned by August Schell Brewing Company, has released the highly anticipated Grain Belt Blu in cans and draft. Grain Belt Blu, a limited release for the summer months, is making a big splash in its return.

Grain Belt Blu, a summery spin on the iconic “Friendly Beer,” combines Grain Belt Premium with a generous load of real blueberries. It would be a mistake, however, to associate the beer with a sweet, syrupy blueberry pie dessert. On the contrary, Grain Belt Blu is tart, balanced, and refreshing—a delightfully sweet twist on the classic American lager.
Once a Minnesota State Fair-exclusive brew, consumers can’t get enough Grain Belt Blu. Grain Belt Blu 12 pack cans are flying off the local liquor store shelves and the tap handle is pulled at a high rate in bars and restaurants where served. We suggest to stock up if you find Grain Belt Blu near you.

About Grain Belt

Grain Belt, considered “The Friendly Beer,” has a history that traces a long line of private and public ownership for more than 120 years. Today, Grain Belt is owned by August Schell Brewing Company, and produces three American Lagers: Premium, Premium Light, and Nordeast. Grain Belt’s longevity, dedication to quality, and approachable nature are what make its Minnesota brews iconic. For more information, visit

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