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Downeast Unfiltered Craft Cider Debuts in Minnesota

Downeast, the unfiltered craft cider out of Boston, MA, is making a splash in the land of 10,000 lakes with four unique offerings. Inspired by the classic farm-fresh cider, Downeast Cider is unfiltered and unfettered… the way cider should be.

Downeast Unfiltered Craft Cider was founded by Ross Brockman and Tyler Mosher during their senior year of college and has grown to become a favorite amongst hazy, unfiltered, craft cider consumers. Five fresh apples go into every can of Downeast Unfiltered Craft Cider, along with an exacting process to produce a long line of delicious, unfiltered hard ciders. Downeast’s cider is made using only fresh-pressed apples and pure, natural ingredients that deliver simple, honest and authentic flavor.

Downeast Unfiltered Craft Cider is now available in draft and package in the state of Minnesota.

Original Blend, Double Blend, Pumpkin Blend, along with a delicious mix variety pack featuring Drier Side is now available to fill your craft cider cravings.

Original Blend

ABV: 5.1%
: The one that started it all. The original unfiltered craft cider. We leave the good stuff in there. It’s the reason our cider actually tastes like…well, cider.

Double Blend

ABV: 7.3%
Description: We decided to push the envelope on our original blend to see how far it could go. turns out, pretty far. keep your head on a swivel, she bites.

Pumpkin Blend

ABV: 5.1%
Description: You don’t… but you really, really do. Trust us on this. With a very short window of availability, pumpkin blend is made by adding fresh pumpkin mash to the apple press, finished with a chai brew. Take off the mask and stay a while, ya creep.

Drier Side (Exclusively Available in the Variety Pack)

ABV: 5.2%
Description: ‘Dry cider’ always felt a bit snooty to us. Here is our unfiltered take on this classic style. Refreshing and crisp… without the pretentious aftertaste.

For more, please visit or take a ride to East Boston to visit the Downeast Cider House taproom.

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