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Deschutes Brewery Introduces Fresh Haze IPA to the “Fresh Family”

Deschutes Brewery, born and bred in the Pacific Northwest, brewed Fresh Haze IPA, a hazy IPA to release this fall as a year-round brand in six pack cans, 19.2-ounce single serve cans, and draft. Moved by the wild fan love for Fresh Squeezed IPA, Deschutes Brewery will use this brew to build what will be a “Fresh Family” of beers, designed to deliver more succulent beers across a spectrum of styles, that all ladder back to the juicy essence of Fresh Squeezed IPA.

Fresh Squeezed IPA’s popularity inspired the innovation team at Deschutes to jump into the hazy IPA ring that is currently sweeping the craft world. Brewers used the state of the art pilot brewery and brewhouses at the Bend and Portland pubs to test flavor profiles they considered great enough to stand under the company’s name.

“The pubs had some fun puzzling through the unique brewing processes involved in a hazy brew, while watching the fans drink the beer so fast it was hard to keep on tap,” said Brewmaster Veronica Vega. “The pilot brewery then refined the recipe and experimented with several hop blends while we worked through the specifics of scaling. We tend to over think things for sure, due to a desire to exceed the expectations of our fans.”

Fresh Haze IPA delivers the citrus juiciness and sweetness of Fresh Squeezed IPA. It is hopped with generous amounts of citrus forward hops that explode with orange and tangerine. The haze is derived from an intentional selection of malts and adjuncts such as malted wheat, unmalted wheat, and flaked barley that contain haze promoting proteins. These malts, along with the purposeful use of certain brewing salts to adjust water chemistry, lend themselves to the smooth, full-bodied mouthfeel of Fresh Haze IPA.

Stats: 6.5% ABV | 45 IBUs

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