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Arctic Summer Partners with Polar Beverages to Release Spiked Seltzer

With consumers trending towards a healthier lifestyle, Arctic Summer has introduced a new spiked seltzer product line in a collaborative effort with Polar Beverages.

Arctic Summer is spiked with a clean, smooth tasting alcohol that is crafted from sugar cane and is naturally gluten-free. At 5% alcohol by volume, Arctic Summer is a sessionable offering that is pleasing on the palate and offered in a variety of flavors.

The bubbles shine on the forefront brightening the flavors and aromas. The natural fruit flavors and essences are proprietary to Polar Seltzer, who have been working on perfecting their seltzer recipes for generations.

The Collection

Spiked Pineapple Pomelo: Sweet tropical touch balanced by pink citrus note

Spiked Ruby Red Grapefruit: Bright and crisp, never bitter

Spiked Raspberry Lime Seltzer: Jammy notes of raspberry with a refreshing lime finish

Spiked Black Cherry Seltzer: Rich and dark notes of fruit with a crisp finish

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