Welcome to The Next Pint

The Next Pint is designed to celebrate the lifestyle of beer. Beer is much more than grain, hops, yeast and water in a glass. Beer is social, engaging, unique, pleasing. Beer is tasteful, classy, stylish.  The Next Pint strives to craft a similar environment. Whether you’re a savvy beer connoisseur or just departing on your beer journey, welcome to The Next Pint!

As of 2016, there is a record number of breweries in the United States totaling over 7,190 permitted breweries. The number of breweries opening across the country continues to grow year after year. Beer consumers are inundated with the abundance of beer choices on tap at local watering holes and inside beer coolers at local liquor stores. It is intimidating at times with the immense selection that is being offered. Don’t worry, we completely understand. The Next Pint is a guide to help you make your next beer selection, while also providing information on events, news, food, contests and much more. Let’s have some fun while we enjoy the pursuit of The Next Pint.