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A Pint and Slice with Deschutes Brewery

Beer and pizza. It rolls off the tongue so effortlessly, doesn’t it?

Celebrating 30 years, Deschutes Brewery did us a favor with their own research and development providing us with their finest pizza and beer pairings based on a variety of styles. Whether it is cheesy goodness or classic pepperoni, Deschutes Brewery has the answers on the best beer pairings with your next pie.

Hawaiian (Ham & Pineapple) + Pacific Wonderland Lager
Notes: the crisp and citrus flavors of the beer balance the pineapple acidity and cut through the ham saltiness

BBQ Chicken + Obsidian Stout

Notes: smokey flavors from roasted malted barley compliment the sweet nature of BBQ sauce and adds a certain hot pepper hint to the chicken (generally Kansas City style BBQ sauce)

Cheese + Mirror Pond Pale Ale
Notes: caramel malt plus citrus and floral flavors are simple enough to not overpower the cheesiest of cheese pizzas

Pepperoni + Black Butte Porter
Notes: slightly sweet chocolate and coffee flavors from the beer cut through the spice, salt, and pepper from the pepperoni. This is the favorite pairing from most of the team

Veggie Lovers + Fresh Squeezed IPA
Notes: caramel malts and juicy hop flavor are a perfect partner of spice forward bell peppers, onions, olives, and mushrooms atop melty cheese

Sausage and Mushroom + Inversion IPA
Notes: need a hearty malt forward and bitter hop back end IPA to cut through the salt and fatty oils from the sausage and mild mushrooms

Endulge your taste buds with these wonderful pint and slice pairings next time you sit down for a delicious pie.

About Deschutes Brewery
Family and employee owned since 1988, Deschutes Brewery – Bend’s original brewpub – has become the cornerstone of Central Oregon’s legacy craft brew culture. Known for defining beers such as Black Butte PorterMirror Pond Pale Ale, and Fresh Squeezed IPA, the brewery also keeps fans on the edge of their bar stools with the release of small batch experimental beers. Now available in 29 states and Washington, D.C., Deschutes’ flagship brewpub has been joined by a main brewing facility overlooking the Deschutes River in Bend, a pub in Portland, and in coming years, a new east coast brewery in Roanoke,

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